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Submit an Article

To submit an article:

  1. Write an article suitable for the journal (see the about page).
  2. Edit the article according to formatting indicated in the style guide, which you can find here.
  3. Seek peer review (for more details see and respond to the reviewers feedback.
  4. Collect statements from reviewers and referees (again, see and your manuscript.
  5. Register at
  6. Log in at
  7. Fill in your profile
  8. Upload a digital and print manuscript (.doc, .odf, or .docx), 2 reviews, 2 references, and copyright statement.

What happens next:

  1. The article and statements from reviewers and referees will be reviewed by the editor and the article will either be accepted without revisions, returned with revisions required, or rejected.
  2. If the article is returned with revisions, the author will revise accordingly and return to the editor via email.
  3. The article will again be reviewed by the editor.
  4. Once an article is accepted without revisions, the author is to prepare a digital and print formatted edition (see the submissions guidelines) and email to the editor.
  5. The article will then be published digitally and then in print format when the limit for an issue is reached (at this time, 200 pgs.)
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